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'Our Shared Planet' is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of the natural world around us and fostering a reverence for all its creatures.

What We Do:

'Our Shared Planet' centers around a traveling environmental awareness exhibit featuring the carved birds and animals of award winning wildlife artist Jim Ramsdell.  The exhibit contains a number of highly detailed life-size wood sculptures, set against lighted interpretive backdrops, beautiful photographs and quotes along with nature sounds and music, all designed to raise the consciousness and awareness of its visitors.  Sections of the exhibit feature endangered species and the fragile ecosystems which they inhabit, stressing the importance of their preservation.

The inspirational slideshow presentation titled "A Journey Through Nature To Creativity" is also given at exhibit locations. Enjoy this transformative journey as Jim Ramsdell shares with you his story of living in Alaska, close to nature, and how this allowed him to discover his artistic gift hidden within.  During this  presentation, Jim also demonstrates the creative process behind these lifelike sculptures.

Programs are available for children and adults alike at exhibit locations.  Programs include guided exhibit tours with the artist, demonstrations, and hands on art projects.

  "Some presentations for students engage the hands; some the heart. Jim Ramsdell's 'Our Shared Planet' programs do both. With hands-on demonstrations of carving techniques the students can feel the grain,
smell the wood, hold in their fingers the chisels and tools of fine art carving. Through his slide presentation and talk Jim unfolds the moving and inspirational story of his struggles to find himself as an artist and lays bare the heart of his creative process. The combination is right on target, a mix of fun, creativity, and inspiration, exactly the combination humans will need if we ever do hope to share our planet with all living things including each other."

Jeff Rennicke
Award Winning Writer and Teacher

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Jim tours the country with his solar powered traveling workshop which also doubles as the transport trailer for the exhibit.  He encourages visitors to enter and experience the place where each of the carvings are created, and learn more about the beauty and freedom of harnessing the power of the sun.

Each of the art pieces in the exhibit have been designed exclusively for the 'Our Shared Planet' project.  The sculptures are carved from basswood gathered from alternative sources.  They are then painstakingly painted to exacting detail, using acrylic paints.  Each piece is displayed in a natural setting, showcasing the ecosystem it represents.  Tools used to create these pieces range from a band saw and electric chain saw down to intricate electric rotary tools, micro chisels, knives, and wood burning pens.  The workmanship blends together to create amazing lifelike creatures which will excite the eye and spark the imagination.

Contact Jim at 'Our Shared Planet'  to bring the exhibit and its programs to a nature center, gallery, or exhibit hall in your community.